Koh Lipe Info

Welcome to “Maldives of Thailand”

Lipe Island (Koh Lipe sometimes referred to as Koh Leepeeh, Koh Leepay and Koh Lipeh) is a small island located in Satun province and outstanding tourist attraction. Many tourists decide to stay overnight here.

Lipe Island is also well known as “Maldives of Thailand” The clear crystal water surrounds the whole island and there are plenty of soft coral, hard coral reefs and numerous types of colorful fish.

Satun is a small tranquil province situated on the west coast of Southern Thailand which is rich with lush mountainous forest and surrounded by more than 80 beautiful islands. The most well-know islands are Tarutao, Adang-Rawi.

Tarutao has been credited by UNESCO to be one of ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves and since then it become Thailand’s first national marine park.

Three Main beach on Koh Lipe

On Koh Lipe island has 3 main beaches: First one is Pattaya beaches, It has variety of activities and many resorts opened on this beach. This beach suitable for people who like night-life. Next is sunrise beach, it has quite a few resorts as well as a small Chao Ley (Sea Gypsies) Village with some basic shops and small eateries. The third is sunset beach, It is smallest beach on this island but it is the best view point of Koh Lipe. You can see both of sunrise and sunset on this beach. This beach suitable for people who like quiet place and want to stay for long weekend.

Important Information :

ATM / Bank on Koh Lipe: No.

There is no ATM machine and Bank. The only way to get cash money on Koh Lipe is a cash advance on your credit card (charge 5 to 10% of this service). Bring enough cash money (Thai Baht) to sustain your stay, in fact, bring a bit more, your plans might change, you might stay longer.

Doctor / hospital on Koh Lipe:

There is a small clinic by government but there usually is no doctor on Koh Lipe. The clinic is located in the village, next to the school. There is a nurse that speaks some English and some very basic first aid medicine.

Water & Electricity:

Koh Lipe does not have a public electricity network every place uses generators to produce their own. Some places have electricity 24 hours a day.